Is JOHO a drug trafficker and is he in the US list just like SAITOTI said? He finally responds

Tuesday September 13, 2016 - Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, has finally responded to accusations that he is a drug trafficker in Kenya.

Over the years, the flamboyant Governor has been accused of drug trafficking especially in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

But in an exclusive interview with KTN on Monday, Joho said that he has never traded in drugs and the allegations are just to mudsling his name politically.

He said during the 10th Parliament, he was exonerated from drug trafficking allegations after he was named by the US Government as the main drug trafficker in East Africa.

Joho also said that he....

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  1. Of course he is a drug trafficker where else does he get the money that makes him so arrogant to a point of abusing the President.By the way he should cease forthwith abusing our President and this is a WARNING!

  2. No, There is no drug trafficker in Kenya. Drugs sell themselves. That is why no one admits he/She deal with drugs. Maybe its me and you the reader that sell drugs.

  3. JOHO behaves like a drugs user whose supply has been cut suddenly, who finds it hard to cope with immediate withdrawal. Since destruction of his ship load of drugs his behaviour has deteriorated. He could be psychotic.

  4. Kikuyus are gay and molest children

  5. anony 06:22 warning to who?that warning take it to ur wife and kids ur just a son of bitch we roar in this country

  6. anony 06:45 joho hes rich hes not he types of namwamba and mnyaro if hes too cheap he cud have accepted the brown envelop the guy is very rich to afford being bought maggot wewe!!

  7. Anon 0528 kumamamako nitakufira matako

  8. Anon 0535 wewe ni mtombwa

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