Is JOHO a drug trafficker and is he in the US list just like SAITOTI said? He finally responds

.... suffered extensively after the US Government linked him to the drug trade in Kenya. 

The Governor said that the drug allegations are from his political nemesis who want to destroy his shinning political career.

He challenged them to fight him with ideas and not speculative rumours, lies and innuendos.

Here is a video denying that he is a drug trafficker.


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  1. Which drug dealer will accept that he/she deals with drugs? USA Government could not have fallen far from the truth. It is that we are reluctant to investigate because of repercussions or we are all drug dealers.

  2. Hata mtoto mchanga ukimuuliza atakwambia aliyemaliza vijana Mombasa na dawa za ulanguzi atakwambia ni Joho na ndugu yake Abou

  3. Huyu jamaa ana kinyongo na Uhuru raid venue hiyo biashara zao na ndugu take imekabwa. Vijana kisauni, mshomoroni na Pwani kwa jumla amewamaliza

  4. he will never accept it thou we know he deals in drugs and smuggling of goods and sugar

  5. joho even if u sale go ahead and sell!!Those motherfuckers they just afraid coz of ur wealth sonko and kabogo are the dangerous drug trafficker i used to hea about them since in high school can they bother about their own business and leave my gavana alone i love joho

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