I will not rest until UHURU implements this report that he hates – RAILA ODINGA declares.

... extrajudicial executions as some of the issues in the country that the report is best suited to deal with.

Raila said Uhuru and his administration has no excuse of failing to implement the report.

He added that ignorance of the same means they are not keen on ensuring the country moves forward.

“The report outlines that the 'willing-buyer, willing-seller’ land tenure approach was grossly abused and is one of the major causes of disinheritance and landlessness, especially in the Coast," said Raila.


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  1. Raila is an opportunist. He lies to communities he visits that TJRC report is the panacea to all their injustices including extrajudicial killings he says have been caused by the governments from the current to the past ones. He was a Prime Minister in one that he shared with President Kibaki, following the 2007/08 Post Elections Violence. He has not explained why the TRJC report was not implemented when he was invthat position despite his powers then. The challenge though is for Raila to convince the business world that "Leize Fe" doctrine as practiced in free market economies will change to accommodate land that he claims was dispocessed from tbe original owners who sold it under the "willing seller willing buyer" principles of a free market economy. This is the narrative he used to try and dominate the Maasai at Ntimama's funeral that caused an appror. He is now playing to the emotions of the coastal people. Raila has in the recent years become very wealthy since joining the KANU party when he bought his current home in Karen where other wealthy Kenyans live in Nairobi. He then bought his rural farm in Bondo, Siaya County. How would he argue that his deals with sellers of his properties were better off than those who sold their land in the Rift Valley and the Coast regions which he claims were disinherrited. What would Raila say to the Central region where the British colonial settlers occupied their land by force and paid nothing for it and then called it "Their White Highlands" triggering the Mau Mau war for Central Kenyans to claim their land back? The rest is yours to judge.

  2. Raila will play hatred card between communities in an attempt to grab power using whatever means.He will tell maasais they were disinherited their land and he has a solution to the problem, go to the coast and preach the same hatred. Just as anon. 04:09 has rightly put it, which problem in Kenya Raila has ever solved except empty talk and hooligans?

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