I will not apologise for provoking UHURU at NTIMAMA’s burial, he was childish - RAILA

... bigger than the Maa community. The TJRC report also addresses legal and institutional reforms; land reforms; tackling poverty and inequality as well as combating regional development imbalances; tackling unemployment, particularly among the youth; consolidating national cohesion and unity; transparency, protection of indigenous communities, addressing accountability and impunity. These matters are critical to our future as a nation.

This report has always bee shrouded in controversy. Foreign members of the TJRC committee refused to sign it when some sections were expunged on instructions of some influential figures in government who were fingered by the report. Still, Jubilee remains uncomfortable even with the redacted report, hence the failure to table it for debate. 

Yet the report is in the hearts of Kenyans across the country from Central to Rift Valley to the Coast and northern Kenya where land grabbing, massacres, disappearances, marginalisation and other injustices have occurred since independence.

That is why I reminded the Jubilee leadership particularly in Parliament that Kenyans are waiting for the tabling of the TJRC report in its original form and full implementation thereafter.

Strangely, my challenge only sparked off a very strange rage from the President. The Jubilee administration is now claiming the President was provoked and that we are somehow disrespectful in raising this matter.

I raised the TJRC issue as a matter of conscience. I did it as a duty to my country and as part of my deep belief that historical injustices have occurred in Kenya and they need to be addressed as recommended in the original TJRC report.

I have no apologies on this matter and I promise to continue raising it.




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  1. and why didnt you table the motion when you had an entire half of the government and the majority in paliament? The late Ntimama publicly and infront of cameras disowned your party before he left and now you claim he told you that he was still a member,do you want to potray the late ntimama as a liar and a con.Most of us who dont believe your words would like you to publicly submit your phone to safaricom so that you can support your claims.we will actually vote you for your honesty and truth.

  2. Anon 847 you are such afool. The remarks on Ntimama calling Raila can either be here or there. Concentrate on issues raised: TJRC and Mau conservation. The president is an interested party when it comes to TJRC .His deputy we know his stand on the Mau. He even abused mzee over it. Eti submit your phone to safcom. That's myopic. Intact if you were keen enough when Raila talked about phone call the Ntimama girls were giving each other hi five. That was that.

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