I will beat UHURU with all his billions; I am David and he’s Goliath - RAILA scares Jubilee

... not scared of Jubilee’s spending and promised Uhuru/ Ruto a battle royale next year.

The former PM exuded confidence of beating Uhuru/ Ruto in round one next year.

He likened the 2017 battle to the Biblical contest between David and Goliath saying he is David and Uhuru/ Ruto are Goliaths and will beat them hand down.

“2017 will be David and Goliath contest.”

“I will not miss target (State House) this time,” said Raila.


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  1. I learn Resilience from -baba. Persistence will eventually break resistance....maybe.
    The difference between these political parties is only the bright colors on their flags, and all these politicians are the same, Its the fisherman with the huge net who will take the most fish- wanjiku Akinyi and the rest of us - home.
    We are so damn forgetful and we shall pay a dear price for it.!!!!!! NKT

  2. wishfull thinking babu.with his fierry politics of tribal hatred and violence, it will be very hard to convince the majority of now very wise kenyans to vote for him save for his few radical party goons who worship him

  3. It's the other way round. David is Uhuru and Raila the Goliath.

  4. I thought in 2013, Raila was calling himself a Goliath! Now things have changed and this man is now scared of Ruto of all people. If i were Raila I would retire.

  5. the last time i checked goliath was older than David.so i think he is the goliath

  6. Raila Goliath with all his chest thumbing and insults uhuru the David with a sling and stone perfect strategy....

  7. dream on baba, your dreams are still valid.

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