I used RAILA to get to Parliament but my heart belonged to UHURU - STEPHEN confesses

... Mathare Constituency belongs there.

“I am happy to join Jubilee but it was not entirely my decision.”

“The constituents in Mathare also played a part," said Kariuki.

However, he said he still respects Raila Odinga for helping him become who he is today.

"I respect him (Raila) for his ideals and what he has done for this country, which is why I joined ODM in the first place.”

“I have no problem with Raila and I wish him all the best in the coming elections," he added.


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  1. You have problem with Raila and thats why your heart is does not belong to Raila but to U*huru .Kikuyu bure kabisa. That's why i hate the circumcised men.

  2. Shame on you. Like mother like son. Even Raila is very linient. If ODM was my property, I can't allow someone who openly disposes and rejects his biological father in public. Resign now tuone those residents who advised you kama watakupigia kura.

  3. Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka tu, like mother like son. He helped eliminate his father.

  4. Kariuki you are very tribalistic.Remember NO kikuyu Nor Kalenjin voted for you to become an MP, it was we the other tribes, come 2017 we are waiting for you.

  5. Wacha aende,what does he addup in ODM and cord? Tukutane kwa debe 2017. Raila si ngazi ya kila mtu kupandia, halafu mwishowe matharau na ukabila. Shame on you Kariuki.

  6. Goats. You and your mum and other siblings abandoned your dad even on his death bed. What acruel family. Eti the glory. Kenyans surely are very gullible. Hiyo kanisa yenu mimi siwezi ingia on principle.For me you all deserve to go to hell.

  7. Its ok kijana wa mama. Unakumbuka Wanjohi? Sahau kuwa MP hata hutatoboa kuwa Councillor.

  8. umbwa mwitu ni umbwa mwitu tuu ata akivishwa ngozi ya kondoo

  9. Sometimes i get to wonder if some politians are human. This young man and the mum hav betrayed ODM. This reminds me of Kibaki tosha era, Raila sicerely campaigned for Kibaki to an extent of being sworn in a wheelchair but what happened after that its history

  10. Democracy in ODM is an Oxymoron. ODM is RAO and RAO is ODM therefore RAO is supreme and members must conform to his ruling. His main goal is to rule Kenya and he will do whatever it takes to accomplish that, even if it means breaking Kenya up into small pieces. Any type of questioning RAO is not to be tolerated. If you do not see things his way, you are wrong. If you do not agree with him, you cannot be allowed to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens, mob justice has been carried by his foot soldiers, on those he disagrees with. If he ever gets in power he will use state machinery to accomplish fascism. Rao is our Mussolini.

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