I have no apologies for my remarks during NTIMAMA’s burial – UHURU can kiss a transformer!

... burial and at the church service earlier were in line with the ideals the late Ntimama fought for all his life… the ideals of fairness, equity, justice and freedom…after decades of seeing the Maasai being dispossessed, tossed around and overran, first by the colonialists then by successive post-independence regimes,” Raila said in a statement issued by his spokesman, Dennis Onyango.

He said he raised the issue not to provoke President Uhuru Kenyatta but to make him understand that all Kenyans from Lake Victoria to Indian Ocean want the TJRC report implemented.

“Strangely, my challenge only sparked off a very strange rage from the President. The Jubilee administration is now claiming the President was provoked and that we are somehow disrespectful in raising this matter. I raised the TJRC issue as a matter of conscience,” Raila said.


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  1. If Kenya has an own version of trump then this bloke is, and the only difference is thisvon is not a man of billions. He is gone to begg for campaign funds among his old school mates. However, it's not surprising for him to throw tantrums at the funeral, which he us used to doing. He doesn't need to apologize to his and our president, it's the maasai community and ole Ntimama's family he owed an apology.

  2. using is foreskin

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