HUDDAH MONROE tears ZARI HASSAN apart! Act your age “grand-ma”.

.. respect her age. Acc0rding to Huddah, she doesn’t fight with women of her mother’s age.

Kuna mtu anatafuta Kiki Kwa Nguvu na Kwangu hapati ngo' huna jipya😂' ...... I'm busy Building my HUDDAH BUSINESS EMPIRE ... I don't fight with people the age of my mom on social media .

I'm better than that and I don't want to end up a broke cougar dating young boys for money and fame! Stop letting your mid-life crisis out in the public, unajiaibisha. .... Act your AGE grandma! #MistressOfAllTrades” She posted.

Zari Hassan is yet to respond to this.


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  1. Hii commercial sex worker in seems nini?

  2. She is young but she is suffering from juvenile delinquency.

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