How JSC arrived at MARAGA’s name as the Chief Justice - UHURU’s 2017 political matrix

... hand in the nomination of Maraga as the next Chief Justice albeit indirectly.

The source said during the JSC retreat at The Hague, this week, Attorney General, Prof Githu Muigai was constantly receiving calls from President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handlers.

The source said Uhuru wanted Maraga appointed as the CJ so that he can endear himself to the Abagusii community.

The Kisii region is expected to be one of the most contested regions because it is considered a ‘swing region’ for the two major coalitions.

It has originally been an opposition stronghold but with the appointment of Maraga, the political dynamics may change in favour of Jubilee Party.

A number of Kisii leaders have already congratulated Maraga after he was nominated for the position of Chief Justice.

Kisii Governor, James Ongwae, was the first to congratulate Maraga.


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  1. Total nonesense and cheap talk. The JSC deliberated on the matters, CJ completely on it's own. The AG was but just a single voice and busy too woth the Somali boarder dispute case at the Hague. The said source that is nameless is a cheap attempt to create a narrative to smear the new CJ designate. That's how Tonui too was smeared with mad in his final days at the Supreme Court.

  2. Nonsensical talk shame on you adm.

  3. Idiots,you politicise everything including your own faeces.Some people are out there to break kenya into pieces.

  4. And Kisii and Nyamira Counties to be corruption free.Charity begins at home.

  5. YES this is "for those who know" <- HAMTOSHI.Jubilee kazi tu!

  6. cheap propaganda.

  7. Surely .... And I keep on asking.... So now how does this Make Raila president????

  8. shallow thinking


  10. Kwani wa Kisii si wakenya tena ? RAO has publicly endorsed Justice Maraga for CJ position. Some people can not sleep without mentioning RAO and Uhuru's names. Figthing shadows.

  11. Judicial service in Kenya is independent body so political affairs has no say on that in short David Maraga was nominated in a free and fair way..

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