Here is MAKAU MUTUA’s tweet that haunts him and may see him lose Chief Justice position.

... ready to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta once appointed as Chief Justice of Kenya.

“If I am appointed as the Chief Justice, I won’t have any problem working with President Uhuru Kenyatta,’ Makau said.

Here is a screen shot of  Makau Mutua’s tweet  in 2013 where he said that he doesn’t recognize Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta as the President of the Republic of Kenya. 


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  1. Prophet of doom Makau, the gay the homo, why cant yo go back to sell your filthy arse in the US. Shoga wewe. Raila is your president, let him appoint you the CJ. hata ukileta cv ya 90million pages you cant, wont and will never get that job. swallow your shit. mfkr

  2. His arrogance fighting him back. He seriously think he can be appointed CJ? By a head of state he doesn't recognize? Now he is swallowing his own careless words.

  3. mr makau's utterances through Tweet in 2013 depicts a person deficient of wisdom and who cannot be trusted with the custody of justice in the country

  4. Guys, you know Makau ni mukau and he is jobless as we speak. For many months now he has been doing donkey work at the World Bank in Washington DC, curtesy of his few highly placed white gey friends there. It's moonlighting on petty jobs as a consultant such organizing jurists forum and seminars. That he has been a donkey at the Bank is no secret sonce he was fired at State of New York law school for his arrogance. Trying to capture a CJ job is humbling for Makau and i only hope God can have mercy on him, even though to him God doesn't exist at all. By what will he take the oath of office, should he be so lucky to be appointed CJ?

  5. This kao is a prof? I thot profs r ppl with some brains

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