God forbid! See how NTIMAMA’s family chased NJOROGE like a dog at his father's burial.

.. Narok for the burial,” said Njoroge.

But on Wednesday morning, Njoroge complained of being barred from sitting at the family tent during the burial held at the late Ntimama's residence in Motonyi. 

Njoroge has been making headlines since last week when he moved to the High Court to block Ntimama’s burial until he was able to get a tissue specimen from the deceased's body to prove Ntimama was his father.

In his suit, Njoroge said that the deceased politician fathered him in 1956 but later dumped his mother shortly after his birth.


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  1. Njoroge is interested in inheritance of Nairobi property Kuyus are shameful with money.

  2. Enyewe Kikuyu's na greed of money at sixty u remember karume also shame and last but not least Samuel wanjiru baba watatu walijitokeza na alikuwa haana baba had I akaitwa jina ya mama yakeb

  3. Haijalishi whether hia 60 his still a child of his father.n he deserves his share

  4. The problem of prodigal seed planted everywhere come only when one is dead but remain underground in life.

  5. Stop this nonsense of 'Kikuyu greed with money', are the rest of the tribes paid with pubic hair when they earn? or pebbles and crocodile teeth? Every other tribe in this country has it's share of prostitutes, thieves, illiterates, wife inheritors and the like, why single out Kikuyus? When it comes to getting money no tribe is clean, the end justifies the means so the saying goes. Go to hell.


  7. Kikuyu wacheni tamaa na kungojea vya bwerere,fukuza yeye kabisa alikuwa wapi hadi amekuwa miaka 60,stupid kikuyu.

  8. That's right,huyu jamaa ni kama photocopy!

  9. Pity that we turn lemonade back to lemon! He is asking to be recognized like we all would. How many have been brought up by single mothers and watch their fathers from a distance take care of his other children! Do you realize how painful it is? May Ntimama' soul RIP and Njoroge to find closure. If his Dad recognized him before his death, it is well. Put yourself in another's shoes before talking very annoyingly

  10. where was he all those years???????? now that ntimama is dead ndio anasema?? mdona hakusema akiwa hai tusikie the other side of the story

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