God bless JOHO! See what he did in Mombasa as UHURU continues eating his ‘meat’.

Monday September 19, 2016 - Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, has rescued an epileptic girl who had been held at a Mombasa hospital after her family failed to clear a hospital bill.

Joho who is currently giving the Jubilee Government leaders sleepless nights cleared a Sh 106,000 hospital bill incurred by eight-year-old, Joyce Jotto.

The young girl was admitted to the Coast Provincial General hospital where she has been undergoing treatment since May this year.

The girl had been admitted to...

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  1. Nakuna kichwa kubwa ya mboo yangu

  2. What's 100K nonsense

  3. 100k ni nyama choma 50 kilos. Muendelee kula sisi tunameza mate. We meet in August next year.

  4. Only. Remember otonglo, remember the poem girl and many more mmmmmm

  5. God bless him

  6. Welldone if from the heart and not for publicity purpose.


  8. Youths in Wajir town are writing on the tarmac road. The writings bear messages welcoming Governor Joho who is touring Wajir today. He will then have an ODM mega rally in the same town.
    Kenyans, let me tell you something. Joho has already sensed an opportunity. Post Raila era, post 2017. Joho wants to fit into the political gumboots of Raila. He is colonizing his political constituency. He is moblizing a following. In a few weeks to come, he will be the coast and Muslim political supremo.
    Thats how a political genius is made. Thats how a political kingpin is born. You dont wait to be anointed. You kick off the game and the anointing will follow you up.
    My senior brothers in Mulembe nation are really pushing Raila to bless, anoint and back them. Mtangoja tu sana ndugu zangu. Wake up, shake your ass and create your own political empire!

  9. The power of Arab money. Joho is reportedly to have received and promised to a tune of 100 billion to take on jubilee so that his friends from arab countries U.A.E can have a market to sell refined fuel rather than bring crude. This is from a reliable source. What i mean is that Jubilee is going to wait for JOHO to go broke but it will not happen. That money is pocket change from the Arab tycoons. That is why you are seeing JOHO doe not input of other CORD affiliation parties because they broke and cannot even organise a single rally out side their comfortable political bases. Early this year you saw JOHO with a brand new Ferrari woth over 30m in mombasa. That was just a birthday present from his arab friends. So jubilee Embrace yourself for bruising battle with One Man JOHO "SIMBA".

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