Forget what he does here, RUTO left Zambians shocked with his money – He is filthy rich

... Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who recently donated part of his wealth to charity.

In an article published by one of the country's paper, the Zambia Daily Mail, Ruto's act has received commendations with even bible verses being quoted to appreciate his deed.

“If some politicians boast of being rich, they must take a leaf from Mr. Ruto. A good leader is seen from giving part of what God has blessed him or her with,” wrote the daily.

"The lesson drawn from his gesture is that it is important for politicians to be selfless and care for the poor and less privileged. A great leader is sometimes measured by the degree of selflessness," added the media house.


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  1. Pressed down, shaken & overflowing....! Kudos Ruto

  2. I do not believe God blesses stolen money.

  3. fools hiyo ni pesa ya wakenya si yake binafsi....kudos for thieving

  4. Looted public coffers...what about the state of road to sugoi, his home?

  5. If it were Raila, he would have demanded to be paid instead.

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  7. what is this bugger talking about

  8. He is not a bugger. he is educating you even if he was supposed to have given a comment on the ruto gesture in zambia. you are the bugger.

  9. anon 2143 I agree with you this anon1026 is a pervert. Ses na orgasm inatokea wapi?

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