Forget chitchats, this is exactly why JSC rejected WANJALA/ MUTUA to pick MARAGA

.... emerge the winner of the coveted CJ post because he was never in the public conversation.

But why exactly did JSC bypass Wanjala and Mutua to settle on Maraga?

Well, the JSC considered many factors to pick Maraga among them;-

-His outstanding jurisprudence

-His high level of integrity

-His experience in handling election petitions

-His ability to handle various challenges facing the Judiciary

-His unmatched experience in legal private practice and on the bench

-His good working relations with colleagues

-His transformational agenda

-His independence in passing judgments and ability to coordinate Judiciary affairs

-His temperament

-Special consideration as Judiciary insider



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  1. I am quite bothered to see a community cry because Judge Smokin wasn't the nominee. I heard Prof. Kisengani grumble that Judge Magara came tops it wasn't Makau nor Judge Smokin. Tribalims is now emerging in some minds I thought were very highly educated.

  2. They smoked out our own Nancy Baraza without grounds. We deserved to be compensated. Mulembe consciousness. Heheheeee!!That's an individual appointment. No bearing on the community.

  3. Who still listens to the so called Prof Kisengani.He argues like those losers of Bunge La Mwananchi sitting all day at Jeevanjee Gardens talking lots of shit.His standard of thinking is same as of those loafers you see at 5.00 AM milling around Ambassadeur/National Archives in the name of politicing.

  4. Education carries the day with some factors not only academic ground.

  5. who said Smokin was good.Infact he participated in the Supreme court ruling.I thing Magara is the best and a little known

  6. Smokin Wanjala would never listen to NIS and the Generals, it is them who determine the election outcome

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