Did RAILA report UHURU to OBAMA again? See details of his call to UHURU on Monday

Wednesday September 21, 2016 - US President Barrack Obama called President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday and the two discussed a myriad of issues that are of mutual importance to both Kenya and the United States of America.

According to a read-out of the call posted on the White House website, Obama urged Uhuru to ensure free and fair elections in 2017 to avoid another round of post election violence.

The US President emphasized on the importance of free and democratic elections in Kenya next year saying the world is watching the political events unfolding in the country.

He also expressed his desire to continue with the strong partnership between Kenya and the US on a range of issues, including the efforts to deliver a lasting defeat to Al Shabaab terrorists in Somalia.

“President Kenyatta offered his strong support for the objectives of the President's Refugee Summit and the US-Africa Business Forum, and Obama reiterated the international community's appreciation for the efforts of long-term refugee hosting countries and in particular, Kenya's forthcoming commitments to improve, among other things, refugee access to education in Kenya," said the readout on White House Website.

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  1. Obama is not Uhuru Boss. Kenya is not a colony of USA.

  2. Even if Jesus Christ was to IEBC the Elections in Kenya, the perennial Looser would still cry foul.. He has infected the same Disease to US Trump.

  3. Anon 09:11 some names are HOLY and would humbly advise please refrain from using them in such conversation.

  4. Admin you are nuts Raila did not call Obama and please stop making RAO a small whining child he has what it takes to complain if he feels the elections will not be fair.

  5. Thanks for reminding this person that the name of God is not supposed to be used in such jokes.please refrain from such and repent.

  6. I have never see anything like Jaruos.... Now they think ati they'll report Uhuru to Obama so that Obama can tell Uhuru to move out of state house for Raila...... I thought eating fish builds your brain capacity but I think in Kenya, the reverse is the truth

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