BAHATI lands in more trouble for unseating UHURU and harassing his wife, MARGARET

... sitting on them.

He termed Bahati’s action as a breach of the President’s security something that should be treated as treasonable.

Besides, he said Bahati’s actions amounted to disrespect for the Head of State and questioned why Uhuru’s security detail failed to respond.

“The security team should have acted because that was a security breach.”

“VIP security is not something to take for granted and if anything happened to the President, they would be answerable,” said Essau.

“The young man also harassed the First Lady and Ruto’s wife in total disregard for their maturity and status in the country.”

“What we witnessed was very embarrassing,” he added.


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  1. These "politically correct leaders" say nothing about corruption, insecurity against citizens, hunger/starvation, violence against women and children, unemployment and lack of empowerment. Yet they are up in arms against a self made, self employed entertainer over something that little. Get your priorities right.

  2. kwani nyinyi hamna watoto??? let Bahati be uhuru is like his own father.

  3. I support this former Officer. I was watching from my house and felt so embarrassed everyone was asking questions on what was happening.

  4. wacha watu wachezeeee

  5. Hio ni kuonyesha udhaifu wa presidential guards vile wameanguka mtihani na isiruhusiwe siku nyingine kuleta wendawazimu kama huyo kichaa kutumbuiza wageni mashuhuri juu angefaa kwanza apimwe juu hakuwa na akili timamu....Bure kabisa presidential escort

  6. Bahati's upbringing is the problem!

  7. ILLUMINATI SINGERS ARE DANGEROUS. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?Matthew 7:16

  8. There is nothing wrong with that

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