Apologize or don’t set foot here! Rift Valley tells UHURU and RAILA after spat in a burial

Friday September 16, 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga have been asked to apologize to the Maasai community and the people of Rift Valley over their public spat during the burial of veteran Maasai politician William Ole Ntimama or else there will be consequences.

Speaking yesterday, West Pokot Senator, John Lonyangapuo, condemned the incident saying it was embarrassing and totally uncalled for.

He told Uhuru and Raila to apologize publicly over the incident, failure to which they...

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  1. Why do people invite politicians to funerals!

    The affected should privately burry their own despite how popular the dead was and that's it.

    If the burial is religious then the religious figure should administer the last prayers and then proceed to burying the dead, than having baseless political speeches that are all miss places, in the fast place despite the dead belong to any cult parties.

    What is there to apologies when politician mad funeral with their useless cheap politics.

  2. Ataa wewe senator John I have big evidence regarding you politicking at funerals. Wachaa kujifanya atii wewe ni tafauti na wengine. Ni tabia ya waa kenya.

  3. Wewe ni Ngombe sana. Rift Valley ni ya Mmko?

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