Apana tambua wewe! JACQUE MARIBE involved in Club drama, See what happened.

… wouldn’t, but bad manners is bad manners. ...sit us here after a long drive, hunger stop, serve, and after that first nyama byte, @octopizzo is coming, so we should clear from VIP. "Now raia like me we stay hungry because we don’t know what #BankOtuch is?” She ranted.

In a quick rejoinder, an unapologetic lady who is believed to be part of the club’s management asked Jacque (in her Instagram post) where she expected the guests to sit after occupying the VIP area.

However, the club later apologized for the mishap.

We apologise if you felt sidelined and deeply regret.

The service person attending to you should have advised you those tables as indicated were reservation already and should have re allocated you another table." They wrote to Jacque on social media.


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  1. Bullshit. Thought you went to church and you were thrown out. And ADM its only in Kenya where the word celebrate is thrown all over. What have these people done to be called celebs. Surely reading news on the screen you become aceleb. If that's the case even the ladies and gents who serve us coffee and drinks on flights should be celebs too. In fact them they are doing it airborne. So supper celebs.

  2. Hata huku kwetu akikuja tuna tupa yeye out KWENDA KABISAAAA!!

  3. this woman is taking too long to either mature up or marry one opf her many supposed fuckers and i have run out of patience!

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