Any LUHYA supporting UHURU/ RUTO is lost and a big fool! We should be looking elsewhere

... this region is lost.”

“The regime has the audacity to tell us we can only smell the meat even if we cook it,” Mudavadi said.

He also appealed to CORD co-principals, Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetang'ula, to support his bid for President to give the opposition an upper hand.

“Do you want Jubilee sent packing by 8am on August 8, 2017?”

“We have one weapon against this frightful regime - that weapon is Musalia Mudavadi,” Mudavadi said 

"We have no time to argue.”

“I am willing, ready and rearing to go." Mudavadi added.


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  1. Why do you want to be supported ???why can't you support them.useless

  2. You are the reason Kenya is where it's. You spoiled Cord's votes in 2013. In 2002 you were to be LDP'S presidential candidate but you ran away. Moody Awori and Raila Odinga came for you at the late Adagala's funeral in Vokoli but you took off through amaize plantation. Your reasoning was wakina Biwot had threatened you. You were promised safe custody till you become president elect then you be taken to state house direct but you chickened out. You chose to be VP for three months. The rest is history. Raila rescued you again in 2007 only for you to jump ship at the last minute. I can go on and on. Bottom line, nobody out of his mind can endorse you for president. Even if you were to be endorsed, I would rather stay at home than vote. Already Joho has overtaken the whole lot of you pretenders.

  3. aki si raila asemeko tu mudavdi tosha

  4. Who told you votes comes only in luhya land?,move around the whole kenya and sell yourself to kenyans.Why do confine yourself only in western and make weierd statements? Amka usingizi

  5. anon 2157 tue we are just waiting for Raila to say MDVD tosha na kutakuwa na mudavadi euphoria kulipiza waliyomfanyia 2013

  6. son of substone si anatosha?

  7. you should compare yourself and Raila THEN see who will step down to aiiow one to continue because we want Jubilee iende nyumbani come 08/2017

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