ALFRED MUTUA attacks RAILA ODINGA over his remarks during NTIMAMA’s burial.

... Kenyans to emulate President Uhuru Kenyatta who he said gave positive remarks at the funeral on Wednesday.

He also noted that those development-conscious leaders are needed now more than before.

"This is the time when we should be talking about development issues, not time [for] elected leaders to go on talking about who should be elected on what political party,” Mutua said.

On Wednesday, Uhuru who attended the burial told Raila to "leave Jubilee alone" and let the coalition "feast on meat" and fix his party ahead of 2017 elections.

Raila had earlier said that Jubilee Party had two hands - one that makes Kenyans suffer and another geared towards development.


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  2. Raira is simply a senile old mzee

  3. Raila milking the dead is ok, in 2007 2million dead voted for Raila and Krigler demanded Biometric System coz Rao

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  5. Raila should be confined to a Mental institution coz Male hormones have ended up in the Brain since Moi chopped-off the Balls.

  6. Jaramogi should have used a condom instead of conceiving a Viper

  7. that true a condoms could have saved us for this thick bambooo

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