ADHIAMBO insults KIKUYU LADIES badly, questions their soggy ‘Nunus’! This is bad.


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  1. Maji yako imesolidify ikakua mafuta that's the reason.

  2. Afadhali yenye iko na maji ,yako inakaa kunuka samaki imeoza na pia uko na sura mbaya kama tuu ya jaluo

  3. Wewe wanuka harufu ya matako na mdomo kutoa harufu ya uvundu ni kama hapingangi mswaki.SHENZI KABISA!

  4. Unajitangaza tu

  5. You are too fat,big, ugly and have no standards. Look at your legs girl....., Please take shower and stay indoors.

  6. A hippo in kabuki colors talking. Please go back in the mad to stay cool, hippos operate at nite.

  7. Sura kama raila

  8. I though this is a woman, how did she come by this information or does she also fuck?

  9. Pity women fighting one another. They are their own enemies. Your body structure irrespective of what tribe you are originating from should be your love. Love you and watch others love you back. Girl, the world will teach you better. You will taste what you just described others.

  10. haki unakaa kama nguruwe

  11. ad since when did u taste us so that u know we are watery use ua brins bat btch

  12. how did you know zinalianga hivo what r u a woman fucker?

  13. kwenda ww.....vile unakaa kubandikwa manyama!!!!you mean you are proud????shenzi.....

  14. is that why your men come running after our lightskinned women, bitch puliz......
    just say you are jealous u wont get a man since u r physically unappealing due to fat fat and more fat

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