ABABU speaks on Jubilee deal as UHURU/ RUTO reject him after using him to split ODM

... allow Namwamba into the party because he is a danger to the party and its future.

But speaking yesterday, Ababu said he had never signed a deal with William Ruto over moving to the Jubilee Coalition.

He termed the talk as rubbish saying his focus was on the Luhya unity and nothing else.

“I did not agree to join Jubilee.”

“I have said before that I am for Luhya unity and will fight for it to the end," said Namwamba.

"In politics you win some and lose some," he added.


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  1. He is regretting. Now Joho Amepita katikati he's enjoying the limelight. Raila makes people popular and not the other way. Look at Jebii Chelimo,Najib Balala, MDVD, Ngilu, Jose Nyagah, Margaret Wanjiru, Ruto still jumping up and down na roundi hii hakuna Hague, Kosgey,the list is endless.

  2. That's baba for you as much as the people are thankless he really invests on his pple

  3. Marende. Nowadays he runs his mouth against Raila and yet Jirongo is fuelling him with brown envelopes.

  4. Sure. Like Arsansl all the big players have passed through there!

  5. Hapo no kweli kama baba hangesema kibaki tosha hangetosha look at mwaura he will never be mp again look at wanjirus son at a yeye hatapata baba has a certain inflence

  6. sure baba is influential but siasa humpigachenga sometimes lakini round hii naona akitomboa good luck rao

  7. Its true baba has annointing from God even though the people he makes go and bite the hand that feed them or rather wana kanyaga sahani baada ya kula where will the next meal be served... let's vote for Raila in 2017 for what he has done for us....he is the surviving and able member of the Moi detainee 9 years without trial

  8. RAO.....i adore you POLITICALLY

  9. RAO is a political cash cow who makes other politicians to be elected because of him. The politicians want to be seen associating with RAo for their own benefit but know that rao cannot make it for presidency.

  10. When RAO said Kibaki tosha, he did not have an option because the presidency would have gone to kiambu(read Mt. Kenya) through Uhuru. The question is: Why didn't he endorse Nyachae or anyone else?. He was between two candidates from Mt kenya and anyone would have taken whether he liked or not. There was no favour from RAO. The favour came from the voters.

  11. good comment

  12. Ababu ....how did you end up in this shit up to your eyeballs? I thought you were smarter than this?! And how will you achieve the Luhya unity you have betrayed the party of their choice? Joho learnt something from baba but you didn't....You let your pride get the best of you!

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