A waitress tells it all! What UHURU’s son, MUHOHO, did will leave you speechless.

... dollars and Kenyan shillings.
“Most of the beneficiaries were the waitresses who came to collect the money on the floor. Muhoho was drinking Moet et Chandon with Deputy President William Ruto’s son, Nick Ruto, and Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s son, Junior. They had over 50 bottles, most of which ended up the on the ground.” The waitresses said.

The President’s son is said to have spent a whooping Ksh 1.5 million on Moet but most of the expensive liquor went to waste after Muhoho and his friends crushed the bottles on the ground to prove their financial might.

Muhoho is a crazy party animal and B-Club is his favourite joint nowadays. 

A waitress revealed that Muhoho gives them good tips of up to Ksh 50,000.


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  1. so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ni sifa ama umaskini yet 50,000 hiyo ni njaa,kenyan ladies like free things na umalaya,let him spoil ladies with cash as many had working kenyan men and women pay tax,he spoils ladies with cash he never sweated for,but remember what goes around comes a round.

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