A Pastor who has been bang!ng LADIES all over Nairobi exposed (PHOTO).


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  1. THESE are end times. please avoid following religious people and groups

  2. Women surprise me, how do you say yes to removing your pants to the same pastor preaching to you? That one must be a woman of lose morals in the first place. As much as the pastor is rotten, it takes two to tangle.

  3. @ Anonymous 21:52..... But you see the pastor has gotten a revelation that the women in question need anointing (upako) in some areas..... So he's just being an obedient servant

  4. I can assure you that this lady doesn't know this guy well..this guy is not married and he is not a pastor..he is a business man..some people are bought by money to make such allegations..lets not be lured into such cheep gossip

  5. I presume that this woman is someone who has been dumpped..so she is using such platform to hit back..she should not bring her frustration on here..she should take it to the man..let us discuss issues here and not people's private lives..at the end what value will this woman have added to her life or the the lives of others.

  6. Revelation my foot! Why wasn't it revealed to him to cut off that offending organ?! Why wasn't he led to hump the desks in that place? Those women are out to make a killing, they know the pastors are loaded. That pastor rotten to the core in the first place.

  7. so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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