Why NGUGI wa THIONGO met RAILA ODINGA and avoided meeting UHURU/ RUTO.

Tuesday June  2,2015 - Renowned writer, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, met former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, on Tuesday morning in a private meeting at Raila’s offices in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

Ngugi, who is a professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine, is in the country to celebrate 50 years since his first novel Weep Not Child (1964) was published, met Raila Odinga and his sister, Prof Wenwa Akinyi, who are both his long-term friends.

In his speech, Ngugi said he is worried that Kenya is still fighting a battle against equality 50 years since he wrote Weep Not Child.

Describing Raila as a democrat, Ngugi said that they became friends with Raila Odinga and his family in 1980s when they were both detained at Kamiti Maximum Prison by the KANU regime.

Ngugi said since independence, the country has been under the leadership of “home guards” who continue enriching themselves instead of helping Kenyans.

Tomorrow, Ngugi,  who  is one of the world’s most celebrated authors, will give a lecture at Kenyatta University, starting from 2pm and the University of Nairobi on Thursday next week. He will end with a book signing session on Saturday, June 13.

Here are some photos of Ngugi wa Thiongo and the People's President, Raila Odinga.

  1. Bird of a feather flock together.

  2. uyu ngugi nake kai ??

  3. Ukiona mtu anafuata raila tunavyomjua jua naye ako kama yeye. Ngugi hana mvuta wa siasa central anaweza chagia raila.

  4. Aria matwendagia no aya aitu...

  5. Who is ngugi now full of shit.

  6. Ngugi is also another sell out of his people. He left for the comfort of America when we were fighting for the second liberation.

  7. Ngugi has lost his sense. He is no longer the true hero one would have thought he was. He is of no consequence when the lives of kenyans matters. He is irrelevant

  8. What was he bringing to Uhuru???

  9. Ngugi is a well known wife beater in the USA he has been arrested twice. His friend Rao too has the same history of wife bittery.


  11. Anon 02:02 Your mother and your systers have forgotten to inform you how i gayed their butts untill i ruptured both of their anuses .I waited for your turn but you didn't turn up.How i admire your buttocks!

  12. You guys miss the point, you should be asking how much Ngugi was paid?? Look at Raila, he is not interested with Ngugi or what is taking place!

  13. How will this help Raila? Ngugi himself cannot win any post in Limuru.

  14. Why is he still in exile? He should be back home if he want to make a contribution to the country. As much as we dislike some of our politicians, I admire them for one thing, their children come back and settle I'm kenya despite the challenges we have.

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