See what Prof NGUGI wa THIONGO told UHURU before he requested him to come back

Wednesday June 10, 2015 - Renowned author and novelist, Prof Ngugi wa Thiong'o, on Monday requested President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government to punish teachers who beat up students for speaking in their mother tongue.

Ngugi, who is in the country to celebrate 50 years since his first novel, Weep Not Child, asked the President to prohibit teachers from punishing students who speak in their mother tongue.

The celebrated writer who has written half of his book in his vernacular language, has been promoting vernacular languages and has been calling on African Governments to make local languages part of the curriculum.

Prof Ngugi currently teaches Comparative Literature at University of California, Irvine Campus, in the United States.

President Uhuru Kenyattta on Monday asked the celebrated writer to return to the country after 30 years in exile.


  1. Uhuru Kenya .Why can't you look at William Ruto direct in his eyes and tell him the truth ,That he will not become Kenya's President after You??DP william Ruto you must be a true living devil .indeed you are realy a devil-KIAMBAA, KENYA — First, the attackers pelted the church with rocks to pin down the women, children and elderly people seeking shelter inside.
    The armed men then slammed the church doors shut. They piled bicycles and mattresses outside the main entrance and blocked a smaller door at the back. They went about their business efficiently.
    Inside the small Kenya Assemblies of God Church in Kiambaa, just outside the town of Eldoret in western Kenya, dozens of terrified people huddled together. They were Kikuyus, members of the tribe that has borne the brunt of the violence that followed last week's disputed presidential election.
    The attackers, members of the rival Kalenjin tribe, poured fuel on the mattresses and piled on dried maize leaves from a nearby field. Then they set the barricades alight and waited until the flames burned high.
    The church turned into an oven.You did this to Kikuyu children and expect (dreams) to become a Kenya President? God forbid it!

  2. Rubbish . Nonsensical politicking and exactly why Raila can never win the kikuyu /gema vote.

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