See what China is planning to do to Kenya after UHURU KENYATTA banned their fish from Kenya to support locals - This is not good at all

Wednesday October 31, 2018 - Kenya’s next phase of the Standard Gauge Railway could grind to a halt after China threatened to impose trade sanctions on Kenya in retaliation to a ban against Chinese fish.

Speaking yesterday, acting Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Li Xuhang, warned that his country will stop funding to the SGR in protest over Kenya’s move to ban its fish from the Kenyan market.

He described the ban as a “trade war”, warning that his country could react in the same way it did to US President Donald Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods.

He revealed that his Embassy had a letter from the Fisheries Department cancelling all applications for imports of Chinese fish to Kenya.

Imposition of the ban on Chinese fish follows President Kenyatta’s remarks recently when he publicly wondered why imported fish should be flooding the Kenyan market at the expense of local produce.

Already, the Naivasha-Kisumu phase of the SGR has been delayed after China refused to sign an agreement during President Kenyatta’s visit to the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing last month.


  1. Do we really need China's SGR? The Lunatic Express was good enough for us. Ask good old Roger Whitaker. Looking East was a bad move right from the word go and it still is a bad move. The chinks never give damn about their own people, what makes us think...nay... believe they give a rats a#!e about Kenya and Kenyans? It is never late to cut this obviously lopsided relationship that is heavily tilted in favor of the chinkoes. Waende zao, we are not trumpy either.

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