Buru-Buru residents give shocking info on MONICA’s killer, JOWI, he is feared like SATAN in the area.

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 Saturday, September 29, 2018-City playboy and alleged killer, Jowi, who is the fiance of Citizen TV anchor, Jacque Maribe, is a dangerous criminal who is feared in Nairobi’s Buruburu estate, where he has lived for quite sometime.

According to residents of Buru-buru, Jowi operates with a lot of impunity.

The killer suspect has a safe house in Buru-buru where no one dares to question him or mess up with him.

A safe house is a house in secret location which is used by spies or   criminals in hiding.

In Buru-Buru, he presents himself as a top security man.

He has been moving around with a cache of arms in the cars he uses when driving around the estate.

Residents of Buru-Buru who have interacted with Jowi claim that he has been seen driving a Toyota Allion car that he used when he went to murder Monica.

The car belongs to Jacque Maribe.

It’s suspected that Jowi’s safe house in Buru-Buru is used to store guns and other weapons that he uses during his criminal missions.

Mechanics in Buru-Buru who have been repairing the cars that Jowi uses refused to speak to media, claiming that he is too dangerous to discuss him and no one dares to speak about him or question his activities.

It’s reported that there is a time Jowi arrested and hand-cuffed a Boda-boda rider last year in Buru-Buru Phase 5 and handed him over to police after he hit his Toyota Prado from behind.

He impounded the motor-bike and locked it in a primary school for almost 10 months, meaning that he is well connected with the high and mighty and that’s why he has been operating with impunity.

Jowi has bragged to police that the murder case will go nowhere.

Some top state officials have  visited Muthaiga Police Station where he is detained  and demanded for his release.

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