UHURU/ RUTO will wish they had never disobeyed court orders regarding MIGUNA - See what lawyers are planning next week

Sunday February 11, 2018 - Lawyers will boycott court next week to protest against a decision by the Government to disobey court orders.

Law Society of Kenya (LKS) President, Isaac Okero, announced the move as a measure of discouraging the Government against blatant disregard of court orders.

According to Okero, the move by the Government is dangerous for the country since it...

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  1. Let them try. We will want to know first,is miguna a Kenyan or Canadian? Two, was he in Kenya legally or illegally
    3: did he have a work permit and who was he working for
    4: if he here illegally he is now in the right place in Canada and should be charged with trespass
    5: if here legally, he should be treated as a Kenyan and taken back to jail and await hearing of his case.

    And finally, this Maraga guy is very partisan, he thought the government would gramble spite katikati yao and become president.now it did not and he is the wrong side. He is the worst Chief Justice Kenya ever had and should be sacked like yesterday.

  2. As usual a luo affair this stupid LSK president cannot see anything his people did???? Raila to him did not break the law ufala and hatred.

  3. Keep dreaming, no one Will boycott, Look like an ACTIVIST idea, Shidwe in Jesus name.

  4. anon 21.42 wee ndio ngombe kabisa. a very idiotic person. who told you anyone with a name starting with O is must be a luo.idiot.

  5. Ahahahahahaah...let them boycott for a whole year. Kenya will be a better place.Kenyans will save a lot of time and money wasted in courts. Poll losers need to be comforted, imagine a case where a petitioner loses a case and forced to compensate all the parties involved. what a tragedy!!! court system is instituted to 'milk' dry the poor. IEBC lawyers have to be paid, the petitioners lawyer has to be paid even if he/she does not win the case plus the respondent...all these characters are cushioned regardless of the case outcome!! Now, who is the fool in this case; definitely the petitioner.A wise person once said "if you dont see the fool in a business deal, then, you are the fool". Kenyan lawyers are really enjoying the comfort that comes with their job...ahahaha

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