UHURU is the biggest coward in the world, after deporting MIGUNA, he will kill some NASA politicians - BONIFACE MWANGI

..coward who fears those who criticises his leadership.

"President @UKenyatta is a coward.”

“Deporting @MigunaMiguna is an act of cowardice and against the constitution," Mwangi said.

The award winning activist further noted that if the swearing in of NASA leader, Raila Odinga, as the 'People's President' was treason, then Odinga should be the one arrested. 

"If treason was committed then he should have @RailaOdinga arrested but since Uhuru is a coward, he won’t.”

“For the many Uhuru can’t deport, he will order their killing," Mwangi added.


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  1. Enter your comment...if Uhuru is coward you are a greatest fool ever born on the Kenyan soil maybe your mother is kamba charity starts at home you are acurse to UA community

  2. you idiot the idiot was going to bring the country down……..Uhuru did the right thing all the way!

  3. Huyo mndomo wewe msoga wewe. Endelea tu kulopoka.

  4. ????! of kimondo-kigoroki

  5. This stupid opportunist adrenaline driven to please his wife arsehole can verbal diarrhea this????? What is he a loser, and and a lose canon he is broke fala mangaa.

  6. Celebrated human activist my foot,somebody who does not know the difference between his ears and mkundu.

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