Touch RAILA ODINGA and Kenya will burn like hell! SIMBA tells UHURU/ RUTO after arresting several NASA leaders

Friday February 2, 2018 - Dagoreti North MP, Simba Arati, has dared the Government to arrest the NASA leader, Raila Odinga, following his inauguration as the People’s President on Tuesday.

Speaking at Milimani Law Courts on Friday during a petition where he was challenging the revocation of his firearm, the vocal ODM MP said the Jubilee administration should not touch Raila since the swearing in was legal.

The ODM MP accused the Jubilee administration of allegedly using the…

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  1. Rao, the AU, UK, US, your wife, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Wetangula, over 100NASA Mps, governors and senators plus majority of Kenyan citizens fail to recognize your so called president of people bulshit. This is purely Luo 'tunajua our rights theatrics' please Rao do not pretend you care for Kenyans, you just want to be the President even if it's for just father Like son.... Mobilize your people for development agendas and projects like Otiende Amolo

  2. Rt Hon.Foreskin You've done so much for this Nation but is high time You retire to Bondo & enjoy golden handshake

  3. Nobody is interested in touching Odinga's second son at all and you can take this to Federal Reserve and come back a trillion richer. Natural attrition forces will soon wipe his foot print on the surface of the earth. So why bother with the fellow?

  4. arati is a pathetic fool.
    The government always starts fighting all foot soldiers,miguna and the like.
    after all foot solders are destroyed their leaders will be delt with categorically!!!.

  5. Anonymous 14: 44 all that we need as Kenyans is a united country that is all inclusive.

  6. Anon.14.44 NASA is not o luo affair,its for the rest of Kenyans,jubilee is for two tribes Kikuyu and kalenjin.

  7. If kenya is only Luo Nyanza then we r worried,but for us other Kenyans Raila is just but a tribal elder, haututishi....Peace we have with our Kenyan president uhuru muigai Kenyatta, period.

  8. When Raila was caned in Kwale I wrote it was a sign of what was to come, Kalonzo went to KICC and a Nigerian Prophet Johnson Suleman told Him the next President is the one who is in power now and that He is in wrong Company of Traitors, It is amazing of how things unfold. Kalonzo wake up

  9. Anon.20:00,you guys brag of circumcision yet right from Uhuru,wrote mumekatwa Kwa hospitali,nothing to be proud off,cowards

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