This is why the word ‘Harambee’ may be removed from Kenya’s Coat of Arms very soon! It is abusing other Kenyans praises Hindu goddess called Ambe and thus not good for Kenya.

He said the word is offensive to Kenyans who do not profess Hindu religion and an abuse to other religions that are allowed to freely worship in the country like Christians and Muslims.

As a result, it should not be used in line with the Constitution of Kenya 2010, which dictates that State and Religion should be kept separate.

He advocated for use of a more appropriate word that will unite the country.


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  1. That word has a different meaning here in Kenya unless your knowledge of history is dead.

  2. Enter your comment...another thing is the cobras on the speaker seat. what do they represent. A former PCEA moderator once asked. No one listened

  3. Alright. In the history of Kenya, i guessed it was used by Indians building the railway as a work slogan when they were doing or lifting something together. So far so good. However, if it is a name of a certain idle God, in Kenya we do not worship those gods. Invoking their names always may be tantamount to calling upon some funny spirits upon ourselves repeatedly. Ambe then being a god of war surprises not when we look at the various internal wars we keep having in our nation, only probably averted by fact that Kenya is a praying Nation that God loves, despite.
    The snakes on the speaker's chair can also be looked into. We may not need them there really. A snake was good during the Mosaic time at the desert but it's works then, were replaced by the work at the cross by THE BLOOD, and Jesus' own pronouncement, "IT IS FINISHED'! I think no more snakes are necessary at our areas of operation except at the National Park, Animal Orphanage and in their holes.
    My 2cents contribution.

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