REVEALED!! Canada demanded for deportation of MIGUNA MIGUNA after pressure from Kenyans! Not UHURU/ RUTO

….Kenyan citizenship in 2017 and that is why he was deported back to his ''home'.

"The Canadian Government last week asked about their citizen saying they wanted him released.”

“So, we not only released him but took him back to the country," Mwenda said

“Mr Miguna denounced his Kenyan citizenship years back, acquired Canadian citizenship and never bothered to reclaim Kenyan citizenship in the legally prescribed manner.”

"The moment he got his Canadian citizenship in the 1990's and it is illegal for a Kenyan to get another citizenship. He automatically denounced the Kenyan citizenship."

"When he came back and wanted to vie, he should have followed a process like registering the dual citizenship holder which he never did," he added


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  1. But harassing Miguna was not right ... why was he treated differently from TJ kajwang ??????? your time is coming very soon

  2. When Canada says their citizen Miguna is being harrassed, what do they think of the millions of Kenyans who reside in the country he and the other goons are disturbing, with a desire to climb to power without any merit? Can Canada treat their patient and then teach him manners !
    Can naive mzungu be doing his research well on these mad personalities and their histories before advising us regarding them ? Can Mzungu stop sadism against Africa!Can Mzungu stop working with mad African radicals following personal ambitions to bring African states down!

  3. So he didn't re-apply for Kenyan citizenship, to acquire dual citizenship ah? Good, so where was the migration department, or any other agency when Miguna registered as a voter and even vied for a gubernatorial position? Asleep?

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