RAILA ODINGA‘s swearing was like the kalongolongo game that is played by kids – TUJU says this in RAILA’s home in Siaya

..charged mourners.

“When I was a kid I used to play Kalongolongo.”

“Now that I have grown up you don’t expect me to play the same game.”

“The swearing in was like Kalongolongo,” Tuju told the mourners.

His sentiments angered mourners who heckled him and demanded that he be removed from the dais for disrespecting the People’s President, Raila Odinga.

However, police who were on standby calmed the irate crowd and the burial went on as planned.


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  1. It is true Raph. You summed it up correctly. A kiddis game where boys and girls mock up titles akin of the reality adults like mummy, daddy, auntie and uncles take to their kids. The Jan 30, 2018 was just a Luo kids game. Yes, that's just it. A Luo manipulator king, a Luo mock CJ in the name of TJ at the helm of an imaginary Supreme Court of the Luo nation, and the bulky bully fake registrar Joshua MM born in Luo nation but bred in Ca. Notably, the deputy and twin sisters from Kitui and West Kenya tactfully and very strategically went off track at the hour of need. The Kiambu mafia chief technician with a badly Permanently Head Dent (phd title) took off with wife and kid to self exile for fear of how the day would unfold. The MC an other bulky bully mare MCA turned MP. Even mama Fidel gave the event a wide bath. This is pure tragedy which the crafty Luo AG hopeful downplayed though present but loudly silent. Thr cheer okuyu jigjigy, socialite mbimbo and mugy bratt were of course there for show. At the end of it all, the king retired back to his hide out only to come out days later and realize the more his life looked very much the same and he was not in the league of HEs a requem service for mama AMBASSADOR Y.

  2. It is RAO against the world. The USA warned RAO against swearing in. He defied them. Canada warned him. He defied. The EU, 28 countries, warned him against swearing in. He defied them.

    AU, 54 countries warned him. He did not listen. The UN secretary general (200 countries) sent ex-president Obasajo. He scorned him.

    It is now RAO against the world. It will fall on him like a tonne of bricks. His cheap comedians were at Baba Ndogo blasting away. Simba torched poor peoples' house at Kawangware. Orengo strategized on boycott oF repeat elections. Bandi does not recognize the government that pays his salary.

    These are blind people who need prayers. General Miguna Miguna may never set foot in Canada again. Good luck RAO.

  3. RAO will know the World have it's owners, payback is around the corner

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