RAILA ODINGA to go to the streets again for mass action to force UHURU/ RUTO out of power! Prepare for street demos

Saturday February 10, 2018 - National Super Alliance (NASA) has threatened to rally its supporters to go back to the streets to demonstrate to reclaim their political space and fundamental freedoms.

This is if President Uhuru Kenyatta will not constitute dialogue between Government and the Opposition within the shortest time possible.

NASA leader, Raila Odinga, has given Uhuru an ultimatum failure to which they will pour in the streets to force the Jubilee Government out of power.

Reliable sources have...

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  1. The Mad man ought to be told that Power to the People does not necessarily mean Power to the Foreskins

  2. NASA is lying to Kenyans.kenya is not unhappy. It is the NASA party that is unhappy. Kenyans moved on a long time ago. NASA keeps threatening the president of the Republic of Kenya for talks to share government which will never happen.

    NASA keeps saying we have given them time to talk we have closed the gap now, why do they keep re-opening?or they never close this gap anyway? Fake threatening yet they know they are powerless

    NASA God Yahweh rejected you as leaders.accept it or you will suffer the consequences. You have caused the death of innocent Kenyans including children in the name fighting for inclusion but what you were trying to do is try to show the international community that there is blood shed in Kenya.

    NASA you planned for NASA death at Uhuru park during your swearing in but it backfired big time and you wanted to blame the police. When they withdrew you could not do it because you knew you were anikwered live live

    NASA this country has moved on and does not need leaders like you who are hungry for power. Who only attend funeral services and burials and raise their hands and remove hats to bow down to dead bodies in their salute.

    NASA we are looking for leaders who are hungry for the word of God. Who will kneel before God in humility and ask for forgiveness in front of God Yahwehs congregation. Who are praying to the only true God and not demons and night runners in the forest and dead bodies.

    NASA you were rejected by God Yahweh and nothing you do will change that. There will be no blood shed in Kenya and we will pray until it is so.

    NASA be born again or suffer the consequences of not being saved. God Yahwehs hand is not too short to save but His anger is also not to be ignored, He will judge you according to your ways and bring on you all your abominations.

  3. and we the silent majority will organize ourselves and help- police to counter those few jaluos who come to loot ppls property in the pretence of peaceful demos.most kenyans are tires of this old mans greed for power.only its jaluos who heed his call for violent demos and looting.

  4. I thought he is a president. SO who is he protesting against? This kind of stupidity from a 73+ year old granny really worries us civilized Kenyans.

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