RAILA ODINGA tells BBC he wants another election in August! We, as NASA, will force another Presidential Election this year

Wednesday February 7, 2018 – The People’s President, Raila Odinga, has told British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the opposition wants another election in August in order to end the current political impasse facing the country.

In an exclusive interview on Tuesday, Raila who was sworn as People’s President last week said the country is bleeding and only new leadership can rescue Kenyans from deaths and detentions.

Raila Odinga reiterated that he, and his coalition partners, doesn’t recognize the…

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  1. Bring it on Raila if U r a Man enough

  2. Election or not Raila You swore Yourself what else do you want ?

  3. Risasi yako moja ilitumika, Maraga akaongeza ingine ukaitupa, Nani ana deni lako?

  4. In his peoples house he can have an election everyday, for breakfast, lunch and supper. Infact he can even have one when dreaming. Kenyans have closed that chapter. Next election is 2022. Join the cue

  5. Better recognize powers that be.God rejected you,you will never be anything not even Vice President or prime minister or whatever you are purporting to craft.elections 2022. Our economy cannot afford to just work for you idiots and the wage bill is just for paying for elections and those elected.

    We have schools to build,hospitals,roads,children to educate and so on.

    You Raila are the same one telling your people you will reduce house rent as if you own houses,that they should burn matatu s because they don't have any,they belong to Kikuyus, you are destroying the very people building the economy then you want them to elect your goons to be governors,governoresses,deputies,PAs, Drivers,Security,Maids all on the public wage bill

    Go to hell we will not accept another election. Accept Uhuru Kenyatta or rot in Bondo. And by the way hata hi ya secession will never be.Not in Kenya. We will pray to our God Yahweh who hears the prayers if the righteous and it will never happen. We will fast until it happens!!!

  6. Raila, please!

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