NRM General, MIGUNA MIGUNA, gives matching orders to NASA supporters all over the world from Canada - Not good!

...arrest of NASA leaders, including Miguna, who was then deported without any due process, over the illegal swearing in of Raila Odinga.

The fiery NRM General told supporters not to surrender because NRM has no reverse gear.

“Viva, continue the struggle against the despots.”

“Against the illegitimate usurpers of the law. We must win.”

“There is no going back.”

“Surrender is not an option and there is no reverse gear. Viva,” Miguna said.

Watch the video below


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  1. Miguna Miguna you always make my day you have a gift from God you are rightous and brave. BRAVO

  2. ii umbwa ya mtu...haina pesa ni kulaba ukundu ya jizee rao na wazungu..

  3. Rudi hapa nyangau ii kama wewe hauna foreskin...njenje wewe

  4. ati general....umaskini na laziness ndio unanjisifu nae....kihii

  5. matako ya uyu jamaa inapoesha dick ya babu na wazungu...

  6. idiot eti all over the world stupid which world if you are man enough come back to kenya... come baby come

  7. this ugly fool has gone mad.calling jaluos to demonstrate will not help you.Kenyans are tired of your god and his greed for power.go on and demostrate if that can help you.The govt of kenya w2ill remain strong under Uhuru the populary elected president and you can do nothing about it.

  8. My concern is where is his integrity? Remember the time at JKL where he stated categorically RAO can never be president and even if he won he wouldn't know how to match to state house. Before then he peeled RAO's Mask and fed him the kidneys of the King. Ten after losing to sonko he traces his way back to leak some ASS to be relevant. This guy is just a buffoon with nothing to write home about. Where was the president he swore to help him evade police incarcellation or deportation?

  9. It is unfortunate that every desperate Kenyan, every broke Kenyan and all who want power but know they do not want to work for what they want or they cannot summon a single vote, join Raila and start creating imaginary problems in the country so they can ride on chaos. They misinform, incite and cause violence.
    This disturbing scenario must be dealt with now ones and for all. It does not matter if they pretend we are being taken to the "dark days." Lawlessness must be contained. This gradual coup must be stemmed. Our votes and wishes must count. Kenya's judiciary, or Maraga- the national disgrace should know this.

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