MIGUNA MIGUNA is free to return to Kenya anytime as his deportation was illegal - Even UHURU/ RUTO’s lawyers now agree

...revocation of citizenship is not supported by any law.”

“Since he is treated as citizen, Article 39 of the Constitution is very clear that he has the right to leave, enter, remain in and reside anywhere in the country,” said lawyer Waikwa Wanyoike.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Miguna’s lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, who said the Government made a mistake in deporting a Kenyan.

“The Government made a big mistake by deporting Miguna.”

“It made the case easier.”

“Miguna can come back to the country any time he wishes, no court can charge him if they arrest him since Justice Kimaru suspended all the cases until he is produced before him,” Ombeta said.


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  1. Sawa. The idiot learned a lesson. However, he should bring with him his family so that they can also get hurt when he stirs trouble for us.

  2. These idiots the like of Miguna want to cause chaos coz they know when things get hot they have another country to run to.

    Wjhether we llike it or not there can never be two presidents anywhere in the world.

    Uhuru was sworn in as the legitimate president and Commander in Chief. This will not change and you can take that t the bank.

    What NASA should do is to starategize for 2022. Thre is not going to be any election untill 2022. Wapende wasipende that is the bitter truth.

    Kenyans for sure are tired of this endless stone age politics. We have better things to think about, jobs for the youth, feeding our families and we also want to live in peace coz in our daily lives we all go through the same challenges whether you live in Gatundu or Bondo. Besides no one chose where to be born and we should be propud of whichever community we were born in. We are all Kenyans and no community will leave Kenya ; the earlier we learn to coexist peacefully the better. We should ignore our political leaders who put us at loggerheads with each other coz in the absence of politics we are brothers and sisters and good neighbours too. The politicians are just after their own stomachs and power but at what expense? It is time we grew up and ask ourselves hard questions

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