MIGUNA MIGUNA deported to Canada and stripped off his Kenyan citizenship! UHURU is no joke! SHOCK on RAILA! VIDEO

Tuesday February 6, 2018 - Self proclaimed National Resistance Movement General, Miguna Miguna, has been deported from Kenya.

This is after playing a leading role in the illegal swearing in of National Super Alliance leader, Raila Odinga, as the People’s President on Tuesday last week.

According to a source at JKIA, Miguna Miguna, was forced into a KLM flight to Ontario on Tuesday 6th that left Nairobi at around 10:50pm.

Uhuru/ Ruto’s Government has also confirmed sending Miguna Miguna back to Canada days after he was arrested.

"Miguna is headed home.”

“The court ordered he gets released and the Ministry of Interior obeyed the orders and even assisted him with a flight ticket home.”

“Please note he renewed his Canadian Passport on 16th June 2017," the Government said through Nexus (a platform operated by Kenya’s Presidency).

The photo above was taken in his flight to Canada 

There were also reports that his Kenyan passport had been revoked by Uhuru’s Government thus making him a persona non grata in the country.

Miguna Miguna was…

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  1. Very good. Let him go cool down there. Temperetures in Ontario are freezing at this time of year. Let he look for a proper job and leave Kenyans alone.

    Where is professor gumbaru ?

  2. Thanks President.I support you fully.Let them learn to respect presidency.Deport even more and jail the rest.Matiangi you are the man.God sent to restore order

  3. He said 'come BABY come' the baby has CAMEπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  4. Did someone not say he has a rape case in Canada and was trying to run away?

  5. alilipiwa economy class? Jameni😩

  6. I can't belief the political Demagogue is gone. A sigh of relief.

  7. This is just being stupid mtapeleka kila nasa member out of Kenya. It does not help but creating more problems

  8. Have these guys have forgotten destination? its canaan not canada!

  9. At last, someone has settled Miguna's hash.

  10. apewe wawa. full dose of his medicine. they wanted toburn kenya and run away.

    Sources of the arms which were being distributed at Uhuru park is not clear but it is believed that some came from Uganda.

    The presence of guns pangas knifes arrows at uhuru park was the key reason which prompted NASA principals, Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetangula to stay away from the rally. They were not prepared to see the confrontation with the security agencies nor did they think it was going to help the coalition in any way.

    While rumours have been swirling that an armed group of youth have been prepared to fight any attempts to arrest Raila, sources close to the NASA supremo have indicated that Raila has blocked any attempts of people close to him to arm the youth to fight the government. Raila believes that he can win the hearts and minds of people by letting the blood be on the hands of the security officers and the commanders but not people close to him.

  11. Matiangi Luos are from South Sudan, Why cant U just drain the whole swamp?

  12. When You rattle a snake, expect it to bite You, Govt should continue rounding up Richch foreskins aiding NRM

  13. No wonder Ida warned these idiots against swearing in, Look Muthama was not there inspite of venom He spits.

  14. Coup plotters are first Castrated then released so procedures were not followed and Raila can confirm this that all 82 Coup plotters were castrated except Ochuka & His friend who were shot

  15. migunaa is a very dangerous criminal. He attempted to overthrow A legit government of kenya and cause blood shed. DOES miguna DRINK HUMAN BLOOD???? whoever sides with miguna is a devil. akufie canada we are tired of such guerilla leaders

  16. Hehehe baaado mapambano lazima mtachoka nasisi hatuchoki kuhakikisha kifo cha msando hakiwi bure

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