Here is MIGUNA MIGUNA’s letter to MATIANGI - Is he saying UHURU will kill him just like SAITOTI and NKAISSERY?

Dear Matiang'i...

There was once a man called Tom Mboya, he once lived in Kenya probably earlier than you. 

He served Uhuru Kenyatta’s father with his all his life. Like you, he used to deal with Jaramogi. 

I am sure it will interest you to know who shot him in broad day light. 

It is also good for you to know that your colleagues in the Cabinet call you 'super minister' like they called Tom Mboya. 

To help you, let me tell you the truth; that's a sign of jealousy, they loath you.

I do not want to bore you with a lot of reading; but another example will be good; Robert Ouko served Moi with dedication and was also referred to as a 'super minister' - like you, he never realized he was an outsider being used! 

Find out who was blamed for his murder, that is if you still do not know. 

The same Moi regime also elevated another Luo Internal Security PS to a near God status, he could land a chopper on a highway for…

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  1. Dp wacheni uongo.....uyo maassai alimalizwa na ii naswa grup....
    Walikna uhuruto wakifungiwa hague uyo ndio angeleta compe basi wakamaliza yeye..

  2. Now miguna reads the Bible? He knows there is king Nebuchadnezzar? Did he forget to read the Ten Commandments ? Why is he giving false testimony?why is he giving false testimony? Why is he helping someone else steal something that does not belong to him?stealing votes?

    Miguna, that Bible where you say the story of nebucadezezzar has the list of the gen Commandments in exodus 20,read,meditate and recite them. Repent and BE SAVED then someone will believe you

  3. Instead of writing to Matiangi,you should be busy paying a ticket back to your motherland right? 'Come baby come' the law is waiting for you
    1: how did you acquire a passport irregularly through the late kajwang?
    2: you ran to Canada to escape being arrested in Kenya. 'Come baby come' the file is waiting for will be opened for you as a citizen who had been missing and now found
    3: what are those charges you are running from in Canada that you did not want Kenyans to know about? Now we know, how embarrassing ....
    4: as a Canadian citizen if you are one,what business did you gave carrying out a swearing in in Kenya?

  4. This man is super mad.

  5. Amazing a canadian swearing in his fellow foreskin fool....

  6. kweli masomo can not change black since thinking shit all time like migguna and hsi babu..

  7. someone who is lawyer swears in a fellow tribesman....umbwa sana

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