Here is the man who will replace CJ MARAGA according to RAILA and his men! – His goose is already cooked

…former Attorney General Prof. Githu Muigai will be the next Chief Justice once Maraga is axed from the Judiciary

“Jubilee Attorney General Githu Muigai has resigned awaiting to be the Chief Justice,” Magaya was quoted saying.

“It is just a matter of time before Maraga is sent home to his native Nyamira County,” Magaya added.

On TuesdayUhuru made three new nominations in the 11-member Judicial Service Commission which is responsible for hiring and firing judges and other judicial officers.

The three new nominees are former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Felix Koskei, former Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olive Mugenda, and former National Assembly clerk, Patrick Gichohi, who is a nominee of the Public Service Commission.


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  1. NASA what a crappy coalition what does the president gain in removing Maraga??? whereas it is well known whatever the Jubilee party is complaining about is true. why does NASA lie what do they think?? ..... that you can win by sneaking lies admin you are also a sympathizer of NASA you don't see what you are all opening yourselves to???....for people to see your true non educated uncouth way of dealing with issues, yaaani ufala.

  2. If it is a Jubilee CJ why should it bother you.I thought you have your own`president`albeit without a Dp,since watermelon
    bolted out.

  3. The writing is on the wall, its not 'IF' but 'WHEN' his goose was cooked last year.

  4. All we care is that whatever it takes, this country does not go to the dogs-this country does not burn as NASARITES have always promised.
    Raila frightens us quite a lot with his many anti-Nation dramas that always lead this country to near closer. His dictatorial tendencies have over the years had us drift to anarchy-the law of the jungle. Yet they want government heeding to the partisan courts where they have their compromised men helping them stage a coup.
    Mr. President and his deputy owe us not only security,but a conducive environment for operating from for our individual and cooperate advancements.
    Foreign governments should know we are perpetually oppressed by Raila and his click of bourgeoisie and his dramas are making it difficult for us to put food on our families tables.Just so that they may control the means available in this country.
    Raila is the worst dictator on earth whose word in this country has literally been law since he intimidates, is crafty and summons tribal feelings, hatred and violence so easily. He is cunning and dishonest and all he does is towards self gratification.Blood for both followers and others can flow in huge rivers for all he cares is that such scenarios can be blamed on government as they deliver to his ambitions.

  5. 04:07 very on point. NASA are blood thirsty and are looking to bring this country down. They only think about their stomatches and families and nothing else!

    I pray that None of these NASARITES ever gets to power!!!!AMEN!!!!

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