Here is KETHI KILONZO’s message to KALONZO for betraying RAILA ODINGA on Tuesday! All KAMBAs feel this

Friday February 2, 2018 - Celebrated lawyer, Kethi Kilonzo, has shared her opinion about the Tuesday mock swearing in of NASA leader, Raila Odinga, as the People’s President.

In the event, Raila was sworn in as the People’s President but his colleagues in NASA led by Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula deliberately abandoned him.

Making her sentiments known, Kethi said Kalonzo should not abandon Raila Odinga even after…

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  1. Its 30th January 2018. Uhuru Park is full of armed police officers; and 20,000 charged NASA supporters. Raila is a few minutes away. He's coming for his swearing in as 'The People's President'
    Everyone is nervous - and excited. The whole country is riveted to their Tv screens.
    Then in the middle of that excited crowd - just as Raila's motorcade drives in -someone shoots an old woman, or a child, or a man on a wheel-chair
    Then someone else shouts 'The police have killed a child!' Raila's cars turn around and he's driven out to safety.
    The impassioned crowd goes mad. They turn on whichever police officer is near them and attack them with stones, machetes, branches - even their bare hands. The police open fire to defend themselves. People start dying; left, right and centre. The police kill tens of people, then themselves get overrun. Other police contingents sweep in. The death toll rises. Police and civilians. Dead. In tee thousands.
    Uhuru Park looks like a street hit by Alshabaab. And it's all being broadcast live on national and international television.
    This coverage leads to eruption of violence across Nairobi; then Kisumu and Mombasa. Hordes of people armed with crude weapons go around hunting for Kikuyus and Kalenjins; the two communities 'in government'.
    Members of the two communities start retaliating. Violence breaks out in Nyeri, Kiambu, Eldoret. Within 12 hours the whole country is at war with itself. Tens of thousands are dead.
    Raila & Co have gone into exile in Tanzania, where they are condemning Uhuru for ordering the 'police massacre'.
    The international community descends on Kenya like a tornado. Uhuru has lost all legitimacy. Uhuru is begging for dialogue. Raila and Kalonzo insist the time for dialogue is over. Uhuru is hounded out of office, in chains, like Gbagbo; and taken to the international criminal court.
    Raila is installed as President.
    Fortunately I wake up. It's 31st January. The NASA swearing happened and Kenya moved on.
    Then today we learn,
    'The GoK had intelligence that there was a planned massacre that would have then been blamed on the police, and propelled by live coverage. This is why TVs were switched off, and police were withdrawn from Uhuru Park' - CS Fred Matiangi
    Matiangi further goes on to say that investigations have been launched on various individuals including media houses that are part of the plan to subvert the rule of law in the country. He adds that KTN News, NTV and Citizen TV will stay off-air until authorities conclude investigations.
    Then I remember Kalonzo Musyoka warning us of catastrophe if Uhuru does not speak to Raila before NASA goes to Uhuru Park yesterday, and my nightmare starts looking like a forewarning!
    Good Lord!!!
    No wonder people were confused when Tv was shut, and police withdrawn!!!

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