Here are names of three goons who were planning to kill MIGUNA MIGUNA in the cell! UHURU/ RUTO are using them

Wednesday February 7, 2018 - Former Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant, Miguna Miguna, has revealed police officers who were threatening to kill him during his detention in Kenya.

Miguna, who issued a statement 12 hours after he was deported to Canada, said while in police cells, a number of individuals were threatening to harm him for opposing the Jubilee Government.

He said three goons who…

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  1. icio ni ihii cia muthamaki wa nugu

  2. migunaa is a very dangerous criminal. He attempted to overthrow A legit government of kenya and cause blood shed. DOES HE DRINK HUMAN BLOOD???? whoever sides with miguna is a devil. akufie canada we are tired of such guerilla leaders

  3. Mr. single dracula tooth stooge.

  4. Ata hawajui if they did not send him back to his maker. kaa ingekua era ya moi the story could be different.

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