Government does the unthinkable to NASA leaders as crackdown continues - See what happened! Is RAILA ODINGA next?

..sources, the MPs were forced out of their cars by police officers, who were seemingly working on orders from ‘above’.

The officers then sped off with the vehicles to an unknown destination.

Speaking on this matter, Mbadi termed the move as unfortunate because the vehicles belonged to Parliamentary Service Commission.

“These vehicles belong to the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC).”

“It's unfortunate that the police can take them away in that manner," Mbadi protested.


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  1. A typical government that is short of ideas!?

  2. There is one government in power at a time see who is wheeling the power ? thats how its done

  3. Enter your comment...,Ask your president - Raila to provide you with vehicles, bodyguards, drivers, etc. After all you don't recognize Uhurus government!!!!

  4. Man just know that what goes round comes round RUTO learn it this just a drama real movie is on 2022.

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