Alert issued as police vow to go after RAILA ODINGA this coming week for swearing himself President - His end is near disregard for the law.

Speaking in Kiganjo Police Training College, Boinet put the Opposition leaders on notice saying no one will be spared in enforcing the law and order, not even the People’s President Raila Odinga.

“We are serving the people in a Constitutional manner.”

“Break the law and face the consequences.”

“We will arrest all those involved in the illegitimate swearing in of Raila Odinga,” Boinet said.

Boinet also refuted claims that he disobeyed court orders to release NRM leader, Miguna Miguna.


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  1. Its time we work with the police and disregard those tribal courts who are supporting the rebel movement.aresst them and jail them without trial.

  2. Why did America Kill Osama? Because he was a terrible terrorist threatening everyones peace and survival.
    It is as well terrible to have an enemy from within; a man who is so much consumed by personal ambition, that a country cannot rest not unless he is president by whatever means.
    Kenya is not at cross roads. We are simply held at ransom by one single man who has failed to clinch presidency and cannot accept it. He has greedy followers in some politicians, also some young men; children of poor Luos and others in the judiciary who are unfortunately feeble minded and have over the years been told by Raila that some tribe is bad. These ones now unfortunately feel that they have to show heroism by bending to Raila's whims.
    Raila has managed to intimidate everybody or attempts to do so by painting even envoys negatively for failing to support his selfish evil schemes. He now starts borrowing the best terms to describe them, terms that are designed to prick their conscience . He describes them as neo-colonialists, people whose interest with Kenya is just to do business ,etc.
    What Raila fails to realize is that, the truth is the truth. It is not lost on anyone now ,that things are only right in Kenya when they serve his personal whims. How many times has he arm twisted for the constitution to serve his political need of the day? The Constitution had to bar anyone above age seventy to vie for presidency. That was when he was younger than that,but when he approached seventy without having managed to be president, the same still had to be adjusted. This is because he bullies, intimidates, uses goons and causes bloodshed that we of course fear. He also knows how to create a dangerous situation,cause a blood bath and successfully point fingers at the other side.
    Raila is the enemy that Kenya has and that needs to be dealt with. We as citizens are tired of being put in a war-like kind of situation throughout. We are tired of Raila made poverty as he makes it difficult for all, one way or other, to conduct their daily affairs.
    We are tired that this terrorist is handled so cautiously because he and his followers threaten that Kenya will burn;it burns slowly every day.We are tired of the anarchy he has introduced in this country. We are tired of his sick generals high on drugs, teaching our children insults and tribal animosities.We are tired that the courts have turned tribal, 40 what against 2 now. We wish the Raila group to know everyone in position is a Kenyan, not a mere member of their tribes, and that each is there by their own merits, besides Raila's pretenses.
    We are tired and very tired of Raila. We fail to understand why he the terrorist is ever handled with kids gloves at every one else's expense.
    We are tired and indeed very tired.We cannot get more tired.


  3. But all the presidential appointments go to one family... Hahaha,.. the kikuyu family must lead the other 40 families and forever amen. Replace Muigai by Karuiki style...

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