That’s my number, Ukitaka NUNU nipigie, LUO lady says and litters social media with her PHOTOs

Saturday, January 13, 2018 - “Njaanuary” seems too harsh to some ladies.

This Luo lady littered social media with her n@d3s and gave out her phone number to anyone who is willing to smash her goodies.

Digital pr@st!tut!@n seems to be the new source of income for many young ladies.

They don’t want to toil and make clean money.

This is how the Luo lady advertised her s3x business online.

OMG! The photos she posted.

Just see them in the next page

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  1. Kenya Post has become like pornography which is so unfortunate and distasteful to some of us.There is no post without distasteful pics you should know not everyone who reads your news want to see naked bodies unless the people you want to attract are certain type of people.

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