MIKE SONKO’s Rescue Team thugs are the ones robbing Nairobians! Most of them are criminals and ex-convicts! LOOK

…just petty allegations.”

“None of the muggers arrested was found to be our member or with identification card from the SRT," Ogolla stated.

Ogolla said City Hall is under a political crisis and that cartels are fighting back to derail Governor Mike Sonko's efforts to do away with corruption.

“All those claiming SRT members mug city dwellers are wrong.”

“We do not have criminals in our team.”

“Why not other groups?”

“Why should they only point fingers at the Sonko Rescue Team?” said Ogolla.
Ogolla further said those "trying so hard" to bring down the Governor will not succeed.


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  1. Totally true they are thugs one Sunday while doing a clean up they robed peoples phones

  2. I knew these will happen...they are criminals mostly from eastlands

  3. Everyone Knows SRT are thugs common knowledge just like the Runaway Jail bird

  4. these are thieves and it is open secrete

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