Even God cannot stop RAILA ODINGA from taking the oath of office as the People’s President at Uhuru Park!! MIGUNA MIGUNA

Thursday January 25, 2018 - Nairobi gubernatorial loser, Miguna Miguna, has said NASA is forging ahead with the installation of Raila Odinga as the People’s President next Tuesday despite a series of roadblocks the Bovernment is throwing on its path.

On Wednesday, the Nairobi County Government sealed off Uhuru Park for renovations and this complicated the swearing in of NASA leader because the venue was at Uhuru Park.

But Miguna said Uhuru Park is a public utility and they…

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  1. This same Miguna who said Baba can never be president when he appeared on JKL live? Listen to the clip, it should be circulated widely to show his double standard mind and careless mouth. No sane Kenyan should listen or even believe him

  2. Miguna miguna,NEVER MENTION GOD'S NAME IN VAIN. However, I'm glad you will be a witness as ODM is destroyed.

  3. I totally agree with anon on this one. ODM will be destroyed completely. Now Miguna is trying to mock GOD!!! Many powerful, yes powerful leaders, kings, rulers have tried to mock GOD, but with one outcome:GOD destroyed them. Raila, who is a mere tribal chief thinks that he's so invincible to mock GOD. wait and see Actually, Miguna you are announcing Raila's end in political relevancy

  4. God is never mocked.We gave them freedom to insult Uhuru because they are being used to but SUPREME GOD never.That is why you see Uhuru being lifted because he knows the secret.Those who humble before are being uplifted.

  5. Miguna Miguna....no and no..please avoid..invoking Other peoplPeople beliefs..no wish to see anyone harmed but Jehovas NAME should not be mentioned in vain.

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