Even God cannot stop RAILA ODINGA from taking the oath of office as the People’s President at Uhuru Park!! MIGUNA MIGUNA

..will not succumb to what they termed as “arm-twisting and blackmail”.

“We are exercising civil disobedience, we do not recognise any edicts of the Jubilee Government and its appendages, which include this purported notice from Nairobi county.”

“We completely denounce it and will proceed as though there has been no such notice,” Miguna told journalists on Wednesday.

He said even God cannot stop the swearing of Raila Odinga’s as the People’s President slated for January 30th at Uhuru Park.


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  1. Miguna, you mock God by saying He cannot stop the 'swearing-in'. There is a punishment for your mockery. Even Kajwang said God cannot stop 'ODM Tsunami'

  2. God is a consuming fire. miguna watch out you ego when including God in your reckless statements

  3. surely these heathen gentiles are cursed.who are they to challenge God? pride comes before fall.

  4. A bad remark, don't bring God here in your politics Dr Miguna. It sounds like Nietsche in Hitler's Germany of 1930s when he was about to release his book, "God is Dead" - and which annoyed German students and across the world, who in turn released placards that said, "Nietsche is Dead." Politics in Kenya should not make us like little gods who are attempting to belittle God.

  5. The engineer of the titanic when asked how safe the boat was, replied "even God could not sink it". The rest is history.

  6. Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.

  7. Of course GOD can stop the swearing in. Miguna Miguna, are you an atheist? Don't you believe in the power of GOD? Please pray that the swearing in is successful and that we get our President, RAO, on the Throne. Long Live The People's President! Long Live RAO! Democracy must be respected, PERIOD.

  8. many mocked God where are they today? watch your ego God isnt man He is God He owns all that you have did i say tongue air etc

  9. God is still God without you but you are nothing without God

  10. Miguna is a bigger fool than I thought to invoke the name of God in NASA matters....IN 1969 the Bettles then the most popular musical group claimed they were more popular than JESUS CHRIST by 1974 the group had broken ranks by 1985 only two were still alive by 1995 only one was alive and born again Miguna never invoke the name of GOD IN matters human especially where lies are the basis of NASA'S endless hunger for power

  11. Fools Will forget history to their own peril. Miguna is a psycho who is a product of a broken family. The Bible says the fool says there is no God.You should not expect much from him he is just an empty debe like Wamatangi tells us on Tuesday.

  12. GOD is not a respect of person and if you mock him he will judge you accordingly

  13. sombody should tell miguna that God is not his agemate neither is He his grandpa

  14. Miguna Miguna watch your tongue.

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