UHURU must accept a Mkate Nusu Government like KIBAKI did or we secede into the People’s Republic of Kenya – RAILA

..Coalition Government like what former President Mwai Kibaki did in 2007.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta must act as President Kibaki did, by taking political steps that would give hope for a resolution to the alarming situation that prevails,” Lone said in a statement.

“Its seriousness can be gauged by his Attorney General regularly threatening death by hanging for the immensely popular NASA opposition leader if he was sworn in,” he added.

Raila concluded by saying Kenya’s politics will remain volatile and explosive, disrupting economic activity and governance for months to come if Uhuru refuses to form a Government with him.


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  1. pole. raila ulitupa towel naukajiuzulu. that bible you are saying you will carry has arleady judged you. read romans 13vs 1 to 4

  2. Mkate nusu tena! Siasa ya retrogression. What exactly does Raila want because he is confused and confuses?
    May God deal with the Raila situation the way He deams best

  3. Immenselly.popular??, wishful thinking coz if he wasnimmensely popular he could have beaten Ihuru. Thats wishful thinking. Kwani Salom Lone is acting Koffi Annan or he is on the payroll of George Soros??. They'll be hanged together with raila if they do high treason coz Salom Lone is not immune to the rule of law.

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